VEJA was created in 2005 by Sébastien Kopp and François Morillion with the vision to create stylish and durable trainers that are socially and ecologically responsible. VEJA is an ethically grounded brand that has questioned the founding principles of fashion and become increasingly popular worldwide by leading by example for other brands to be more transparent about where they source their materials, how much waste they produce and fairly paying their workers. The name ‘VEJA’ is a literal translation of Portuguese-Brazilian for the word ‘look’ which means to look beyond the brand and learn how the project works. If you care about helping our planet and want a new stylish and comfortable trainer with many colours to choose from then VEJA may be the one for you!


Organic cotton during harvest
Peru, 2018 © Arthur Wollenweber
Bleeding rubber trees
Amazonia, 2016 © Photos Ludovic Carème

Kopp and Morillion created a strong foundation for VEJA by slowly reinventing the process of making footwear from start to finish. Their goal was to create stylish trainers while constantly striving to do better for our planet which has made VEJA a generational symbol. Without the sustainable measures they take the trainers would cost five times less to make but by eliminating advertising costs and relying on word of mouth the duo have managed to keep their footwear affordable for their customers. The brand uses certified organic cotton made in Brazil and Peru which they purchase directly from farmers that have adopted agro-ecological methods. This cotton is shipped to a factory in Brazil where it is spun and woven into fabric for the canvas, laces and stems of many VEJA models. One of the main raw materials used for the brand’s soles is natural rubber from the Amazonian rainforest which is purchased directly from harvest families and helps to boost the economic value of the rainforest and protect it. VEJA also works directly with producers in their factory in Brazil ensuring their workers are safe and properly paid. The brand has created a detailed story of their vision and history which outlines all the measures they take from the very beginning of the process and this is what makes VEJA so special.

Influencing the debate is not our primary goal. We simply want to set an example.

Sébastien Kopp and François Morillion


In 2019 VEJA launched their first sports trainer ‘Condor’ which is a mixed performance running shoe made from bio-based and recycled materials. Condor was designed for premium comfort with a highly secure feel featuring external grips made of naturally sticky Amazonian rubber which gives the runners a longer lifespan and a textile upper made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. In 2020 Condor won ISPO’s ‘Product of the Year’ in the running hardware category for it’s innovative design and shortly after the brand released an even lighter ‘Condor II.’ The new style featured added flex grooves and a latex cushion named ‘L-Foam’ which absorbs high shock and drains heat. If you’re looking for a stylish and practical new running trainer then look no further!

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