At Rio Brazil we appreciate the importance of the structured shirt in the work and social spheres of the contemporary male and our extensive range of designer shirts will undoubtedly satisfy your fashion needs.

Our premium offering is headed by Eton, a brand which has an enduring association with quality. This superior quality is illustrated in the flamingo ice-cream print shirt which retains all the traditional sophistication of an Eton shirt while adding a touch of exuberance with a colorful pattern. For a more formal piece, the paisley insert white shirt exemplifies Eton’s acclaim with the usage of premium cotton which emphasizes comfort and as such makes the shirt apt for long days in the office.

Flat display picture of Eton flamingo print shirt in pink/redThe shirts produced by A Fish Named Fred are sure to appeal to those seeking a flamboyant twist as they will doubtlessly help you to project the more playful side of your personality. This signature buoyancy is visible within the white pineapple print shirt which is fabricated from 100% cotton to allow you to express playful energy in a luxurious fit. Depicting an elephant which adds a sense of unique individualism, the jungle elephant print shirt exudes a vibrancy that makes the shirt perfect for leisure engagements.

Flat display picture of A fish named Fred pineapple print shirt in white

A structured shirt which can be dressed up or down is of the upmost benefit to the modern man and no brand emphasizes versatility more than John Miller. The white printed insert shirt is a wardrobe essential with it’s fabrication from premium cotton and the brown button detail allows the shirt to be worn with chinos for a relaxed summer outfit or equally be dressed up for a Summer wedding. The mini triangle print shirt brings a more lively feel with it’s colored print, demonstrating the meticulous tailoring which has led John Miller to become synonymous with quality.

Flat display picture of John Miller printed insert shirt in white To view our full range of shirts, visit us at Rio Brazil or shop online at Mr & Mrs Stitch.


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