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This season at Rio Brazil we are excited to introduce you to Stenstroms.  This heritage brand started life in Sweden in 1899, when tailor August Stenstrom, who had a reputation as a superior shirt maker, found himself in a position where in order to meet demand for his quality shirts decided he needed a proper factory space.



The brand’s reputation for quality and craftsmanship using only the finest fabrics has continued to this day.  Stenstroms now has a global following of discerning customers who can depend upon the 120 years of experience this company has, to produce a sophisticated garment which has a perfect fit.

Today the brand’s quality has been further endorsed by the King and Queen of Sweden who have both granted Royal Warrants to the company.

Fashion is ever evolving and changes from one season to the next.  As trends change we at Rio Brazil, are always looking at these movements and translating them into what appears on our shop floor.  The most recent and fundamental change we have seen has been the movement away from tailoring, where once jackets were fully lined with structured shoulders and nipped at the waist and shirts crisp and sharp, to a much softer look, both in terms of shape and fabric.  Jackets now are half lined or not at all and more shirts tend to be softer with texture and handle.


Stenstroms is one company which has embraced this movement and have cleverly taken their tried and tested shirt patterns for example, the Slimline, which features a cutaway collar, mother of pearl buttons and single adjustable cuff, but have cut them in washed, printed linens and cottons.  The shirt pictured above is one such example with inspiration taken from Sicilian tile patterns and colours.  Whilst the shirt is still smart and refined in cut, the overall look is softened due to the textured, printed linen fabric.  It can be worn under a jacket for a more formal occasion or, as you can see above, works equally well over a pair of chinos or even shorts. These loosely woven fabrics are easy to wear and perfect for warmer weather as they feel cool on the skin, making them excellent holiday pieces.

The range of patterns and colours from Stenstroms is extensive and includes plains, stripes and a plethora of prints, which are updated each season.


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