As the city centre slowly reopens and starts to get back on it’s feet, now is a great time to visit, as the streets are not too crowded and we can once again go for a coffee, meet up for lunch or go for dinner and drinks after a days shopping.  We once again have a reason to get more dressed up and cast the joggers and gym gear aside!

At Rio Brazil our summer sale is now on we have devised a list of summer staples to refresh your wardrobe and get you back up and running.  We guarantee you will wear them again and again!

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A good pair of Paul Smith sneakers is a must have and the perfect accessory for any summer outfit.  Where once they were only for the gym, now they are an every day essential.  We have a large selection to choose from in various styles and colours, to wear with pretty much anything; and they will take you anywhere.

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Chinos are a great alternative to a pair of jeans, especially in warmer weather as they tend to be slightly looser and lighter in weight, but always sharp.  Our chinos are made from cotton making then cool and breathable with a little bit of elastane which gives them stretch and makes them super comfortable and easy to wear, especially when travelling.

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With the warmer weather at home now at least a possibility or if you are heading off on holidays, no wardrobe is complete without a few tees. Where pattern and printed tees come and go those in solid colours or classic stripes never date and always look relevant and on trend.  They can be worn on their own or are great under an unstructured blazer or workwear jacket for a slightly smarter look.

Jackets are a wardrobe staple for all seasons.  For a casual everyday look the iconic bomber jacket is a must as it’s easy to pull on over a casual shirt or tee.  For a smarter look or occasion the blazer is the perfect piece.  Where once these were structured and stuffy now they are half or unlined and softer both in texture and shape. Somewhere in between is the workwear jacket which is bang on trend at the moment and will easily update an outfit.

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The classic white shirt is an absolute wardrobe staple.  It’s simplicity means that it can be worn with anything and will always look smart and fresh.  It has of late, just like the blazer, been given an update.  So choose one which is slightly looser in shape, in a washed cotton or linen fabric, which will make it look softer and less formal.

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