Who’s Behind The Brand?

Psycho Bunny is a men’s clothing brand based in New York and launched in 2005 by friends Robert Godley and Robert Goldman. Both founders have spent decades in the world of fashion, with Godley acquiring expert status through working with a handful of high-end designers and Goldman growing up in the family business of luxury neckties.

These staple polo shirts are made from Pima cotton and produced in Peru with a range of luxury detailing for example mother of pearl buttons. They’re also embroidered with the Psycho Bunny logo, a manic-looking rabbit over a skull and bones crest!

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima cotton is a superior, wrinkle-resistant and ultra durable choice of cotton mainly grown in Australia, Peru and the South western regions of the United States. The feature which makes pima cotton superior is that each strand measures from 1.4 – 2 inches long which makes it softer and stronger than any other conventional cotton which typically have strands which are shorter at around 1.1 inches in length. Designers and manufacturers also find Pima cotton to have a 50% longer life expectancy, which makes it much more relevant from a sustainability point of view. And as it is softer, great for anybody with sensitive skin.

Not only does the brand use the best yarns but it has also developed a knitting technique,”four way diamond pique knit” which allows the fabric to be stretched in either direction without causing any warping or damage and which also promotes longevity. This is another reason why this brand stands out from the crowd as it has been thought through and as a result is genuinely superior to others on the market.

 Since the brands launch in 2005 they have expanded their range into polo shirts, T-shirts, bottoms, cashmere scarves and golf apparel.

The Philosophy

The philosophy behind the brand is quality first of all and then, just as important, fun. Born in New York the emphasis has always been free spirited and unconventional, this is particularly manifested by using bright colours and mixing up the trim details to create individuality. This season sees also sees the introduction of neon brights! Where can they go to next?

The Logo

The bunny logo, a manic-looking rabbit over a skull and bones crest, is another aspect which has been cleverly thought through. This unusual logo was designed as a playful element and directed at those with colourful personalities and who want to stand out from the crowd.

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