WODEN – Works Of DENmark

Woden, the Scandinavian Sneaker that embraces change, style and fashion.

The founders Carsten Holm and Peter Hildebrandt established WODEN in 2013 with a passion for creating a sneaker that is both excelling in quality and style yet aims to push the barriers of fashion.

With their sustainable approach to fashion, Woden have seized the opportunity to combine a natural approach to their brand as well as delivering comfort for an everyday wear. The cork soles and leather exterior define the overall aesthetics and highlight their ethos to maintain a green footprint.

With Wodens eco-friendly approach paving the way for sustainable fashion, combined with their love of fashion, they have excelled in their styles through this seasons collection. Leopard print, Dalmatian print, Metallic and Mesh textures and details are this seasons go-to, for the fast approaching colder months.
We’re sure you’ll find your perfect sole mate,
Team Brazil x
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