Kori – ‘Greek Chic’

Greek Archaic Kori, another beach vibe that’s just arrived in Rio Brazil!

This collection signifies the sun, the light, the sea and the islands of Greece while combining simplicity and elegance.

The name Kori is inspired by the ancient statue ‘Kori’ that represented young females from the archaic period (600-480bc).


Since 2016, this relaxed yet luxurious collection embraces all the symbols of a Greek Summer. Each style is perfect to wear from morning until late night and from the beach to the bar, just what Island life is all about.



Made from lightweight materials cotton and linen, each dreamy piece showcases wanderlust and that island mood. These details in the sunshine are designed to suit women of all ages, shapes and sizes keeping beauty and style just what it should be in the summer – effortless.



To see its beauty for yourself, pop in to Rio Brazil Belfast or shop online:

Rio Brazil x



Rio Brazil Belfast

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