Indi & Cold

Indi & Cold is a quirky lifestyle brand which was created by brothers Diego and Gonzalo Santaolalla based in Sans Sebastian.  It was the result of Indiwoman by Individual and Cold Alaska which had been on the market since 1991 when the merger of the two brands formed Indi & Cold in 2012.

Gonzalo’s wife Cristina Villar came on board as the brands Creative Director. Under her direction the brand is a reflection of her style: shabby chic, ultra feminine look with a retro touch and all very natural. Inspiration is drawn from travelling, an exhibition, a song or even as simple as a long country walk.

Not only does Cristina seek attention to detail in all phases of each garments process, the brand are also passionate about creating timeless collections based on style rather than trends.

“We want each garment to breathe the work that goes into it. The search for the perfect artisan touch, fabric or spinning for each garment ”.

With the Indi & Cold collection, you’ll add a colourful touch to your wardrobe – not only using colours but also using graphic and geometrical designs that refer to a modern-ethnic style. And the designs are as feminine as they are striking.

Indi & Cold like the idea of giving fashion a conscious vision and so create pieces that are durable and consistently high quality.

Click to view the INDIE & COLD collection at Mr and Mrs Stitch or call into Brazil at Victoria Square

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