Universal Works Spring Summer 2024

Get ready to embrace the essence of style with Universal Works’ Spring/Summer 2024 collection, ‘From the Soul’. Exclusive to our store Rio Brazil Belfast, Northern Ireland, this collection embodies a harmonious blend of tactile fabrics, earthy tones, and soulful designs that are sure to elevate your wardrobe to new heights.

Embracing the Essence

This season, Universal Works invites you to reconnect with the sensory pleasures of life. In a world dominated by digital distractions, there’s a yearning for physical connection and authenticity. The ‘From the Soul’ collection taps into this sentiment, offering garments designed with a genuine touch, made by real people for real people.

Textures and Tones

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of tactile fabrics and meditative palettes. From waffles to towelings, slub cottons to seersuckers, each piece in the collection exudes a sense of peace and humility. Natural colors like Light Cumin, Sand, Lilac, and Light Blue harmonize with military-inspired hues of Olive and Navy, creating a versatile range of options for the modern man.

Styling with Substance

Universal Works’ Spring/Summer 2024 collection is more than just clothing; it’s a statement of authenticity and individuality. Whether you’re dressing for a casual day out or a special occasion, these pieces effortlessly blend style and substance. Pair a light cumin shirt with olive trousers for a relaxed yet sophisticated look, or opt for a navy seersucker blazer for a touch of understated elegance.

Explore Similar Brands

If you’re a fan of Universal Works, you’ll love other contemporary menswear brands like YMC, Oliver Spencer, Norse Projects, and Wax London. These brands share Universal Works’ commitment to quality craftsmanship, timeless design, and effortless style, making them perfect additions to your wardrobe rotation.

Universal Works’ Spring/Summer 2024 collection invites you to embrace the essence of style ‘From the Soul’. Exclusive to our store Rio Brazil Belfast, Northern Ireland, these soulful designs offer a refreshing departure from the ordinary, allowing you to express your true self through your clothing. So why not discover the essence of style this season with Universal Works? After all, true style comes from within.

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