Napapijri (pronounced napa-year-ee) is well suited to the Mr & Mrs Stitch / Rio & Brazil customer, due to its technical outdoor qualities, something you can’t do without here in Northern Ireland especially. The range is very versatile, appealing to a wide scope of age groups, from professionals to the cool kids, remaining relevantly desirable. Bright colour, always a key feature for Napapijri continue again this spring summer, along with the introduction of some earth tones & pastel shades.

napapijri ss18
Global blue

Napapijri kicked off in 1987 in the surroundings of Europe’s highest peak, the Monte Bianco, there an Italian maker of travel bags introduced a new vision on practical outerwear, blending technical fabrics but keeping them stylish. The Bering Bag was born, a waxed canvas duffel bag targeted at travellers, it was the first article to display the Napapijri name.


Napapijri is a variation of the Finnish word for the Arctic Circle and the logo, half positive and half negative, expresses the North and South Poles in graphic form. The Norwegian flag is closely linked to the brand’s DNA, representing Europe’s northernmost country, the birthplace of some of the great explorers of the 20th century as well as a land of extreme conditions and magnificent landscapes

napapijri logo

In 1990, the company began designing and producing clothing and accessories, and introduced its signature Skidoo jacket, a lightweight, rain-proof, anorak designed for extreme temperatures.

Napapijri, constantly strive to improve by seeking innovation to enable solutions that respect our world. The “Make it Better” philosophy led to a journey to adopt alternative ways to phase out animal derived materials while offering their tribe of consumers products with enhanced technical performance.

napapijri expedition

The innovation journey started back in 2012 when they developed an alternative to real fur: in 2015 the brand launched eco fur made with synthetic Kanecaron® fibres. Improved softness, lightness, durability and ease of maintenance make this animal-friendly replacement a viable alternative to real fur. Moreover, the eco-fur production process excludes the use of additives or chemicals used to treat animal fur, ensuring a safer and contaminant-free material.

napapijri eco fur

Continuing the “Make It Better” journey beyond fur Napapijri then focused attention on the removal of down from its collection. To achieve this, they developed the groundbreaking THERMO-FIBRE™ system: an innovative insulating filling composed of lightweight air-trapping

microspheres that create a soft, quilted texture, ensuring superior thermal regulation, insulation, compression and quick-drying capability. This development allowed them to successfully replace down across a number of products but not all. From Autumn/Winter 2017, the brand proudly went 100% down free.

napapijri thermo fibre napapijri thermo fibre

napapijri rainforestnapapijri rainforest
Eqit polo shirtShew jersey tshirt
Arras pac a macArras pac a mac


All styles are available in store exclusively at Rio Brazil Victoria Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland, before being featured online at Call in today to get first pick.



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