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Kent & Curwen is a pillar of British menswear rebooted for the 21st century. … Kent & Curwen quickly made its name with neck ties, supplying them to vast amount of universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, the finest clubs in London, the country’s best schools, and British regiments throughout the Empire.



In 2016, Daniel Kearns was appointed as Creative Director of the British heritage menswear brand Kent & Curwen. Daniel works closely with the company investor David Beckham, working together to direct Kent & Curwen into this new generation.



The brand was founded in 1926, two years after Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen first crossed paths on Savile Row, It was the start of a story full of character, and it is fitting that this new chapter of Kent & Curwen is beginning on the 90th anniversary.


To continue the legacy of Kent & Curwen in the 21st century, Kearns has taken from the authenticity of its storied past to rework the classic hallmarks of British sporting pastimes, mixing them with menswear staples to form the foundation of the Kent & Curwen wardrobe, inspired by Beckham’s own celebrated style.


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