From F.B.I. to fashion creator, Corridor is a brand from the mind of Dan Snyder, the sole designer of the brand. Corridor was founded in 2013 making it a company that has come a long way in such a short stay. Focus from the brand is on providing a sustainable fashion line with ethical factories in India and Peru that offer full health benefits, retirement plans, retirement matching and a program that gives opportunities for women who have been victims of abuse. The garments made in Peru come from a women-owned workshop and produced in a family-run factory.

Founder Dan Snyder

Corridor’s aesthetic is inspired by things such as; colour, nature, music, love, spirituality, and New York life which translates to a unique style that only this brand could create. Snyder personally spends time with the workers in the factories that create the clothes he designs, as he believes it creates a better design and product overall. Our carefully chosen products from the company are focused on interesting patterns, fun colours and the high quality this brand brings to the store too. We are proud to carry such a unique style in Corridor. Pair these clothes with a more prep, uptown style or dress them down with some wider, relaxed pants such as our Universal Works options. Pair with neutral items and let the clothing speak for itself in a statement peiece.

Rio Brazil Belfast

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