We often talk about priorities and how to make life easier. Aside from the question of “what are we having for dinner tonight?” the second burden in life can be “what will I wear?”. Iv yet to master both but I have found some inspiration from my wife and the key is preparation.

Iv been guilty over the years for simply buying what I liked the look of and loading the fridge with so much food that half of it goes out of date before it is used and although there is a lot of ingredients not very many go together to make a meal. The same can be said about fashion and you wardrobe.

Like food, you should think of your looks as if they were dishes i.e. Chines, Mexican etc The ingredients to witch you can make these dishes some times cross over but usually are spastic to the flavour and taste. This is the same when selecting new items for your wardrobe.

Take stock of what you have then move on to what you need.

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