Sundays are often a day for relaxing at home with loved ones and enjoying spending time recuperating for the following week. Sorting the kids for school in the morning, doing the weekly groceries and organising that ever flowing load of laundry can be a monotonous affair, however it remains a day loved by all.

With all these duties done and the night drawing to an end, we often pose the question, ‘What shall we have for dinner tonight?’ followed by the never ending thought ‘What shall I wear in the Morning?’

Fashion and food are an endless love affair. Do I eat Gelato, or do I stick to my bikini body plan? Easy answer; pass the Gelato.

I mean we’re all guilty of loading the fridge with mounds of food, but by the end of the week we either forget about it or it passes it sell by date. Meal prep has become a growing ideal with the basic concept of planning meals and combining ingredients that will complement a tasty meal. The same can be said about fashion.

It is almost common practise that many of us visualise what we have in our wardrobe, building that Monday motivating outfit. Shopping should bare the same thought process, deciphering what already exists in our wardrobe prior to buying further items. This enables us to build a collection of clothes rather that pieces only to be left at the back of your closet.


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